Events not honored in Sample Editor

No matter what I’ve tried, I cannot edit sections of an audio track in the Sample Editor.

The process:

  1. Import an audio file into an audio track
  2. In the project window, split the track into multiple sections
  3. Select one event, opening it in the Sample Editor. The entire track shows in the sample editor, with Event Start/End markers for the selected event.
  4. No matter the status of the “Edit Active Audio Event Only” button, any operation on that event - hitpoint calculation, etc. - is done on the whole track. This is true whether the event is selected or not in the Sample Editor, or whether a region is created.

To add insult to injury, even if the event is pulled out into a separate track, opening it in the Sample Editor treats it as if it were still in the original track - and edits the entire track.

This must be a bug. Otherwise, in this version, the Sample Editor is pretty worthless.

Thank you for your attention.

Hi and welcome,

This is not a bug. Cut is an non-destructive operation. So whatever you do, you can change the cut point after. This is why the whole file is always processed. If you have multiple instances of the same file in the project, and you apply any Offline Process, Cubase asks you, if you want to apply it to this dedicated part only (then it creates a temporary file), or if you want to apply to all instances in the project.

If you want to apply anything (Hitpoints calculation for example) to the one part only, Bounce the selection first to create a new file.