Events on tacks in one project linking themselves

I’ve been creating exporting tracks then importing the results only to find the events are linked. For example when you highlight and edit one, it happens to the other one.
This is only happening in one project, never noticed before in 22 years of using cubase.
Any idea how to make it stop?

Still using Pro 9

Are you talking about Audio Events or MIDI Parts?


Can you describe this in more specific detail? Is the the exact same bit of Audio being used in multiple places? If so I’d expect that changing one would change the others since they are all the same underlying audio file.

If these are different bits Audio from different files, what kinds of editing changes are being replicated on multiple Audio Events?

These are not the same audio, but they are the same length. Anything - applying processing, writing volume automation, cutting, sizing, etc - will happen to both

Sounds like you have some of your Audio Events Grouped