Events To Part Niggle: Lane Cleanup

Say you have 10 events on different lanes. You hit Events To Part.

Now you may have a vertical MESS… because the Events are on their original ‘Lanes’.

What -should- happen is that the Events should ‘condense’ into the least number of needed lanes. In effect, their should be a Lane Automatic Cleanup inside the Part Editor. OR, there should be a manual Cleanup function INSIDE the Part Editor.

I understand the logic of wanting to keep the Events on their original lanes, but in a comped track with many events, this can be a nightmare to manage.

You can create a macro that does this, and save it to a key. This way, when you enable lanes it automatically triggers the lane clean command.

I’d rather be able to organise lanes INSIDE the Editor.

This is an over-arching gripe I have about Cubase now… there’s —way— too much going in and out of Editors. Either they should make -all- main functions accessible -inside- the Editors OR change the paradigm entirely.