Events to part question

I am used to doing my comping in the event to part window where as the bottom wave takes priority when unmuted but when muted the wave above it plays.
In 7.5 only the bottom wave plays and when I mute the wave the wave forms above still dont play.
Whats my problem?

When you say muted do you mean you’ve muted the part with the Mute Tool (X)? In the part editor use to Comp Tool to select the piece you want to play, not the Arrow Tool. The Comp Tool selected part will be darker. Everything else is greyed out.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to touch a piece with the Comp Tool and select it. Fortunately if you get confussed you can undo til you find your place again.

For this reason I will use the Mute Tool like you to permanately mute the unused pieces. But except muted parts, which ever other piece is selected with the Comp Tool is the piece that plays.

The comp tool works the same as in the Project Editor. But I too prefer to edit multiple takes as a Part in the Part Editor. It’s less clutter to look at and you have an extra layer of solo/audition.


thanks for the reply
frankly I miss the way I used to work in Nuendo 4 in the part editor
It seemed much easier to do comps
maybe I just need to get used to cubase 7.5

You can also make a part ‘play’ by moving it to the front: select clip, right mouse btn->MoveTo->Front. This does the same as the Hand tool. And on my system it’s set to the U key (Uncover apparently) so I can ‘activate’ parts quickly without using the hand tool.


thanks Mike
I liked when the mute tool would mute the parts and it would play the part that was not muted
1 key stroke very simple and clients understood what was going on

and so far the graphics are very difficult to determine when a part is muted or open