Ever have corrupted midi tracks??

This sounds odd, but I guess it isn’t completely out there… here’s what happened.

I have my main “Scoring Template”. it’s a massive one but runs very well 99% of the time. Before, every time I would make a tweak to my template, i’d just overwrite it and go on with my day. (now I make a whole new project and date it**Thinking this is less prone to bugs… thoughts?)

What happened was, on a few midi tracks, scattered about my template, (some were an entire folder) any time I’d record midi on them, right at the EXACT same spot, Cubase would crash every single time. I record on a different midi track, all good. Even if I routed them exactly the same, the “buggy” one would crash, and the other “cloned” one would be just fine.

So after hours of testing, thinking my rig is stressed/a million other reasons, I just deleted the problematic midi track. Made a new one. Routed it exactly the same. And life is good…

So… the question is… is THAT really the problem? Or am I being tricked into thinking that’s the solution? Anyone ever have this?

I found this thread - Consistent crashes while trying to record MIDI controllers - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
Kinda similar.

I have this happen from time to time, where I’m writing and BAM crash while recording midi. That specific midi track then crashes at the same point, every time. So now I just instantly delete the offending track and replace it… does the trick…

I’m on a Mac Pro - 10.8.5. CB 7.5.2. // Slave Mac Pro 10.6.8 VEPro (latest build) – Both 8 cores. 32GB RAM.

Thanks for any help!


Aloha M,

So… the question is… is THAT really the problem? Or am I being tricked into thinking that’s the solution? Anyone ever have this?

I am asking myself, is your prob corrupted MIDI tracks or a problem template?

Here is my reasoning:

Being a real 'MIDIot’I have always loved ‘MIDI Mysteries’
and yes I have had corrupted MIDI tracks (usually from downloaded MIDI files)
but from my POV since MIDI is just a series of ‘events’,
I can always find the prob(s) by deeply scouring the individual track(s) using the ‘List Editor’.

If there ‘IS’ MIDI corruption in a track, it has got to be in there somewhere and I will ‘root it out’.

I have also seen problem MIDI files/tracks in Cubase that open/play just fine in ProTools/Logic/Sonar
and vise versa.

This makes me think that quite often the prob is not with a specific track per se; but with
the way each different programme interacts with a specific MIDI file.

I have even had this happen:

1-Save/close a working project but do not ‘quit’ Cubase.
2-Import a downloaded MIDI file and open it and start having some major probs.
3-Quit and restart Cubase and import the same file and now things work perfectly.

Trying to figure what was causing the first prob has haunted me for years with no real answer.

So now days as a work-a-round I alway start the car in ‘neutral’. so to speak.
(quit and re-start Cubase before each project and sometimes even re-boot the 'puter.)

So once again I am asking myself (and you), is your prob corrupted MIDI tracks/files or a problem template?

Good Luck!

I have a strange issue with one song. The midi parts keep playing when muted or deleted. I had to bounce it to audio
To solve the issue.