Ever since downloading Cubase 12 I'm experiencing regular crashes

I’ve been using Cubase since version 9. Never had a problem but almost every time I use Cubase now I experience a freeze. Never the same process that causes it to crash. Any ideas?!


Attach the crash/DMP files, please.

Cubase 64bit 2022.8.3 (498.8 KB)

Hey - here’s the latest one.


Could you please install the latest update 12.0.40 and try again?

will do

Since Cubase 12 including the last update 0.40 there are still huge problems with stability. The program freezes or crashes at unexpected moments. Randomly, but with more intensive use twenty times a day. I have to repeatedly shoot it down with Process Explorer or Windows restart. During editing, during a longer period of rest, after audio export midown, it is even not unusual that it saves a damaged project file, which then cannot be opened. In previous versions, those stability problems are 10x smaller.

Similar problems here too. Cubase has generally been rock solid for me up until ver 12, which freezes quite regularly. I often see content licensing errors too when I re-launch and the only way to fix that is to reboot my PC.

Really interesting why it’s happened? Maybe because Steinberg have a new license system? I am still on Cubase 11 plus Ableton 11. And I need to say that Ableton live is very stable for me… So many negative feedbacks regarding Cubase 12. Hope that Steinberg will fix them all…