Everlong (acoustic cover)

Hi all! just recording Everlong cover on Cubase. Any feedback/suggestions? SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Cheers! :wink:

Someone said I had way too much reverb on it. So i reduced quite a bit. Which version sounds better? SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

i prefer the first one with reverb ,the guitar sounds weird though, i cant tell if its an acoustic or what .if it is an acoustic you should maybe try experimenting with 2 mics to record the acoustic and that will give it some natural width,you can also try recording with one or two mics and a direct signal at the same time if it is an electro jobby,this way you can introduce some more crazy tones ,it needs a bit more depth at the moment .just my opinion of course, i like the vocals very much ,ive never heard the tune before, its a good tune,shame you didn`t write it.

Thanks, Polgara! The problem with the guitar is it’s a vintage '35 Gibson L-10 (jazz guitar) that belonged to my grandfather (he purchased new). It’s my only guitar right now, and the tone SUCKS. So, not sure if what you recommend will fix it. By the way, the song is Everlong by Foo Fighters and is one of the best rock songs of the last 15 years (in my opinion). Here it is with full band: Foo Fighters - Everlong - YouTube

Oh well i was nearly right ,by the way very nice guitar, they are worth a bob or two aren`t they .now i know what it is i think the sound aint that bad for that type of guitar . but for the song, the way you are doing it, would probably suit an acoustic better.Oh ok the Foo Fighters , Dave Grohl very talented guy ,say no more.

I liked the tone of the guitar actually and some nice tight playing…and you’ve got a good voice…totally not interested in covers though, original songs is the only way…no matter how derivative they may be, just can not see the point of a cover…

looking forward to an original song from you…Kevin

Hey Shadowfax, I agree about covers, just had a weak moment and wanted to try. I do have originals if you want to give a listen. All made with Cubase! Brett Buchanan | ReverbNation

Hey Brett…had a listen to some of your stuff and reckon it’s very good, particularly like “Stay”
reckon you’d have a hit with that if it got any airplay…
good stuff mate…Kevin