Every 5 Minutes I Cannot Work for 1 Week

I’ve got a serious Cubase-related issue; after about five minutes of working on a song I’ll get interrupted with work, and other obligations, and often am not able relaunch Cubase for an entire week.

I’d like a feature in Cubase 8.5 that could keep the timeline playing, but pause or even rewind everyone else’s timeline.

I’d even settle for tighter synchronization between all my collaborators timelines.

I don’t think this is asking too much.



Work…the curse of the creative individual!!!

Jim B

I believe the upcoming Linux version of Cubase has this feature.

But will have to be configured from a bash shell. There goes another week. :laughing:

A combination of Visibility and Mute maybe? Worth a try …

“Yes, I think it can be easily done …” :wink:

Well there’s a first-world problem, if ever there was one.

Amen brother, amen. Like some sort of time shifting warp process that would expand time when you’re at the DAW. :laughing:

C’mon Steiny… make it so…

I’ve heard from an almost reliable source this will be a feature in Cubase 9.5…

A slave to the money then you die :smiling_imp: