Every Second

“Every Second” - collab tune with Jan Le’Brandt

Every Second

Hope you like it !

lead vocal seems squashed a bit by that wall of sound of guitars (on my PC speakers of course…others may vary)…otherwise good job!

Sounds good, the vocal does indeed seem a bit overcompressed, but the mix is really good imo.

Thanks to both of you ! :slight_smile:


The tune does sound like it needs to breath, perhaps the mix is actually a bit too smooth :open_mouth: Nothing at all sticks out to add excitement yet there is emotion in the performances but I it is a good tune. I like the guitar sounds a lot. :sunglasses:

Really this is very good and like the others am only nit picking and listening for what could take the song to an even higher level.

Excellent. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much Dave !

Very smooth, very well mixed, good performance too. Agree with Dave though, not so much excitement. It’s a kind of an 80’s ballad, I guess.