Every time I start Cubase 12.0.52, the attached window appears

Every time I start Cubase 12.0.52, the attached window appears.
Before, when I clicked OK, Cubase would start without any problem, and the next time it didn’t appear.
But now it appears every time. But it works fine as before.
How can I get rid of this window?


Attach the DMP file to be able to have a look, what freezes Cubase (probably during quit).

I do have that screen also from time to time. But my Cubase didn’t freeze on shutdown before. It just works and closes as expected (and much quicker than previous versions I might say).

To me it seems there is a file somwhere which indicates Cubase the last shutdown was irregular when actually it was not. Maybe it might help to just trash that file. If I only know where to look for that file.


In the message you send the screenshot of, you can see the path of the DMP file. Please, share the file (it doesn’t help to delete it from your system).

Martin.Jirsak, thank you very much.
When you say share a file, do you mean send that file to Steinberg? If so, I have sent it.

Rainer_Hain, thank you. No freeze on my end either. Once I start it up, I don’t get this screen after that. I guess that wrong file is hidden somewhere as you said.

Martin.Jirsak, I deleted the .dmp data from the CrashDumps folder and it stopped appearing. Thank you very much.