Every time I visit this site I have to go through the Cookies dialogue

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

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WTH? I usually stay logged in to begin with. I’ve selected the “Remember Me” status for this computer. Yet every time I stop by to check something, I’m getting that Cookies Agreement message. Is this a bug with the website? It’s VERY annoying. :rage:

It doesn’t happen to me. After I log in, the cookies message stays off. Make sure your browser isn’t set to automatically delete cookies every time you close it.

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You probably have your browser set to clear cache after closing, you’re blocking cookies for the site, or a similar setting. The fact that you clicked OK gets stored in a cookie. Your cookies are getting deleted so it asks again the next time you visit because it didn’t find the cookie that says you’ve already said OK.
I use Firefox with uMatrix installed to control what goes on and it gives a pretty good read-out and a lot of control over what goes on with a site. Steinberg’s is pretty low-key and looks like this in uMatrix
That’s pretty tame. You should see what sites that rely on site traffic for revenue look like. Third-party crap for days. You have to scroll and scroll to get to the bottom of the report.