Every time I visit this site I have to go through the Cookies dialogue

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


WTH? I usually stay logged in to begin with. I’ve selected the “Remember Me” status for this computer. Yet every time I stop by to check something, I’m getting that Cookies Agreement message. Is this a bug with the website? It’s VERY annoying. :rage:

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It doesn’t happen to me. After I log in, the cookies message stays off. Make sure your browser isn’t set to automatically delete cookies every time you close it.

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You probably have your browser set to clear cache after closing, you’re blocking cookies for the site, or a similar setting. The fact that you clicked OK gets stored in a cookie. Your cookies are getting deleted so it asks again the next time you visit because it didn’t find the cookie that says you’ve already said OK.
I use Firefox with uMatrix installed to control what goes on and it gives a pretty good read-out and a lot of control over what goes on with a site. Steinberg’s is pretty low-key and looks like this in uMatrix
That’s pretty tame. You should see what sites that rely on site traffic for revenue look like. Third-party crap for days. You have to scroll and scroll to get to the bottom of the report.

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Same here, on all my computers. Agree, it’s very annoying.
And I do not have the Chrome browser settings set to delete cookies or clear cache.

This is happening again this past week. Every time I access the site, either via computer, iPad, or phone, I get the cookies dialog. Grrrrrr.

Bump. On multiple machines and multiple browswers, I have to accept all every time I go to the Steinberg site. I keep hoping it will tell me I’ve reached a million clicks (I feel like I am really close) and will give me a VST instrument as a prize or something, but that hasn’t happened yet.

This is literally the only site where I experience this behavior. I am a big Steinberg fan but I would really love for the admins to tweak whatever is needed to make this stop. I experience this on both Chrome and Firefox.

Admins - please see if you can make the accept all cookies pop up stop popping up.


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I too am still having issues with this on safari. Only website I visit that has this issue. Super annoying since it’s been going on what seems like forever now.
Would be great to get it fixed.

the website was designed by Cookie Monster

its really annoying

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