Everyone wants this-Tell me how to save track presets in a Cubase folder where I want to

Tell us something everyone would like an answer too- Tell me how to save track presets in a Cubase folder where I want to so my presets can be organized and findable!
I am making an album and I want all the track presets for this project in one folder so I can easily make a similar sound through out the album with out spending a thousand hours jumping from project to project and cussing a lot when the preset is again and again and again unfindable because there is no file path. Really? That is so stupid.
I would like to set up a template, But many of these tracks were already recoded in other projects.
So I should be able to load or record a track, push load track preset, go to the folder with the presets I want, load it, and move to the next track.
But noooooo!!! Your saved track presets you worked so hard on are in a big giant jumbo pile of junk. Oh boy, Hope you labeled it well!!!
Help. Is there a way to back door through windows. I have 15 songs with all the same presets. Except for the midi drums everything else is acoustically recorded and very tricky and the presets take a lot of time and work with the specific guitars and mics they were designed for. But impossible to find in a different after saving. And I start another project and I can that one but not another one. So I snapshot and follow the picture. Really??? Steinberg - It’s time to make a fix and send it out!!!
I suppose I will find a backdoor but it will take a lot of time I do not have available for BS.

I can’t help with the request of letting the user chose a folder for presets but at least I can tell you the current locations of these presets:
For PC:
C:\Users\{user_account_name}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Track Presets

For Mac:
/Users/{user_account_name}/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Track Presets