Everything EXCEPT vocals recording

I’m using Cubase LE AI 9 with the Lexicon Alpha interface. I’ve been recording with no issues up to this point, but when I switched to my microphone to record vocals (now using the XLR input instead of the instrument input), Cubase won’t record anything. I know that the microphone’s signal is getting through to the software, because when I sing into it I can see the input levels in the bottom right corner of Cubase responding. However, when I enable recording and attempt to record on the vocal channel I created, no sound is recorded at all.

Some thoughts…

  • Have you set up the XLR input you are using with your mic as a mono input bus in the VST connections menu?
  • On the audio track, have you set that mono input bus as the input for the audio track you are recording on (the audio track itself can be added as a mono or stereo track)?
  • Have you set the Cubase Main Stereo channel as the output for your audio track?
  • Have you enabled the track “Record"Enable” & “Monitor” functions on the audio track?
  • Have you clicked on the “Record” button on the transport?
  • Make sure to disable the track “Record Enable” & “Monitor” function to hear what you recorded?

Try the stuff above. Hopefully you can start making music.

Regards :sunglasses: