Everything is 'blown up' after trying to add a new workspace

So i have a project and i was organizing my mix window the way that i like it, had it looking great, and then i went to ‘add a new workspace’, typed in a name for it, and clicked save at which point it automatically zoomed in on everything and made all the faders and individual windows all fat.

i don’t know how to change this. if i open a new blank project i can press alt 5 and alt 6 to switch between my two views and they look perfect. if i open this project it’s all blown up

any ideas? ive attached the screenshot of my bloated mixer lol

G/H keys ?

What he said ^^

U should watch the Mixer videos… :slight_smile:
They talk about the scale-ability of the Mixer and all the other things u can do with it.


you don’t understand. theres a few other threads on here where people are having a similar issue to mine

It is automatically widening itself out if you try and open a 7.5 file in cubase 8 and you constantly have to readjust it

i was just wondering if anyone had figured out a workaround yet i have a large project in 7.5 im working on

Just confirmed it. G and H keys will resize it and fix the issue, but as soon as is press alt 5 or alt 6 to switch between views as i work, it zooms all the way out again. very annoying

Same here, can’t use workspaces because of that.

Yeah im pretty much forced to work in 7.5 right now 8 is unusable for me until they fix this it totally ruins the workflow

i also tried making a totally new project and it still does the same thing. apparently its not related to opening projects from earlier versions

I hope they fix this quick. its like owning a ferrari with no steering wheel

On a side note, what are your specs? OS, Video Card etc…
Might wanna add them to your sig…