Everything is considerably slow with large templates


I am a media composer and I use a big template (about 230 instruments tracks with Kontakt- more than 3500 midi tracks / 120 GB of libraries loaded). No problem with 8.5.30 so I don’t have to use VEPro. I only use Kontakt libraries and some effects from WAVES. Mixing and mastering are made in another templates.

My jump on 9.0.20 is not going well. No cracks, no drops but everything is slow. For instance when I select a track, it takes a second for this one to highlight … and I noticed this behaviour for almost everything.

9.0.20 has more options and possibilites than 8.5.30 but these evolutions have made the program much heavier. I tried to disable options I don’t use but no way.

So backwards to 8.5.30. Waiting for Steinberg to settle this problem.