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Hello Everyone!

I have been a Cubase user since VST 4 back in 1998. I have belonged to the various forums and newsgroups. I have been banned on several occasions from KvR for overstating my case . I was very active when SX did not have reliable MIDI functionality, when the demise of Gigastudio destroyed my kingdom, when the BSOD was a daily occurance, when 32 bit and 64 bit software did not peacefully co-exist and so on. I have not posted to this new forum before because I have not needed to.

Since Cubase 6, the software has been robust and reliable, the new features have been astounding, the program is as elegant as I could ever want, the Steinberg UR44 makes me forget about my RME Multiface, the support has been EXCEPTIONAL and there is very little to complain about. If I come on the forum at all, it is to find out how to do something specific. I also give Groove 3 $100 a year for access to their instructional videos because the program is so deep and I am only scratching the surface.

I knew Cubase 4 inside out ( I was the first user in Canada certified by Steinberg to teach Cubase) and now I feel like a newbie with the new design but every day I learn something new and a quicker way of doing things. Cubase 8 Pro is fantastic!

Yamaha and Steinberg has been a match made in heaven. I know the Windows 10 issues will be ironed out long before my free upgrade window disappears and I will continue to have the most productive and satisfying experience in 17 years.


Cool. And wecome (back) home to the forum.

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Yup welcome back

Nice to hear someone not moaning for a change, I also find C8 excellent, not perfect, but then what is, I still learn things In it all the time. I sometimes watch people on the forum and it’s almost as if they’re looking for a reason to complain, instead of making music or recording. Just my thoughts

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Nice to read a good report. All too often, we only see the slag and the sludge.

I just finished a full drive wipe & reformat, Windows 7 re-install, all my programs, all my Vst Instruments & FXs, countless mouse clicks, authorizations & Cubase 7.5.4 & 8.0.20, etc. etc.

I opened a project that I worked on a month a ago, and after a few tweaks and some other tinkering around, things were running ever so smoothly.

I pressed F2 which showed the Transport Panel and when I looked at the VST performance meter on the left side, I couldn’t believe how low and steady it was.

This was using 7.5.40.

I thought, “This is about as many tracks as I ever expect to have, including all FX and VSTs being live [nothing bounced yet - real time processing at this point still], and just how much head room I had to go still on the VST meter”.


Makes me feel proud to have studied, purchased the right parts and built my very first computer - dedicated for DAWs only.

From what I’ve seen and experienced in the 2 years that I’ve had Cubase 7, 7.5 & 8, is that there are some finicky things that go on here & there, and it’s not always good with quick or unexpected changes, but after it plays a project through a few times, it kind of settles in, learns the ropes and then seems to remember what it takes to get through that song again & again once it makes it through a few successful times in a row.

Then it seems really stable after that. :slight_smile: