Everything works in check, recordings are empty

Thanks a lot for the crash dump, we are examining it.

Would very much apprechiate to learn more about that. Ideally, if you could send the performerProjectXXX.xml of the Performer folder with the Cubase project name, just the xml file, and the name and bytesize of the audio file in question.

Your video issue is very strange, haven’t had that with version 5. pls check to see if it has anything to do with hiDpi settings: a) Cubase preferences enable/disable hiDpi, b) Windows scaling - try 100, 150, and 200, does it make a difference? Also your graphics card model would be interesting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

we’re having the same transfer problem today: now it concerns one of the “performer rec_7” files (vst connect doesn’t specify which one). my friend sent me two xml files, they’re uploaded here.

I tried changing the hdpi settings, nothing changes. video is ok within the plugin most of the time, poppped out it creates those green lines.performerProject721334862304201446.xml (26.8 KB) performerProject14289796967885850832.xml (13.2 KB)

the file is 72.37 Mb, transfer stops at 72.31 Mb and the transfer speed drops slowly. file name should be vstc_210223_094752_5.wav, specified as 74908700 bytes on my friend’s computer.

Oh, and my graphic card is integrated on the CPU (I7-7700K), intel HD graphics 630 (connected to a samsung S34J55x ultrawide monitor). I didn’t have the issue in Vst connect 4.

I’ve had this issue only when the performers connection is slow. It seems to time out. Remedy here was to get them to zip up the project folder their end (now zips automatically) and get them to send it to me.

Just saw this. You’re braver than me. My workflow is always to download the take after the recording, assuming the performer has a good enough connection. If they don’t, I check the HD file tab in VST Connect after every recording to confirm the expected files are there, and I’ll get them to send them to me post session. If each of your files are, let’s say, 40mb each, 220 of those are going to be close to 8gb. That’s too much potential for error since we’re looking at more than a simple file download process here that’s also reliant on the performers connection not glitching.

Thans a lot for the files. I see Performer sample rate is 96k, correct?
They refer to two different projects though.
We added a function to the Performer app which creates a zip folder on the Performer computer (of the project, so needs to be connected) to be passed to Studio for the ‘Get Local HD Files’ function. It’s in setup (cogwheel)/configuration (‘Export’ button).
We are asking a lot of you, sorry, but it really helps. Could you check on your Cubase audio folder for files ending .txt? There should be one with the filename in question, no? And if you repeat ‘Get HD Files’ it always gets stuck at that file, right? You tried multiple times?
Background: the .txt files contains just a number which is the amount of bytes already downloaded, so that it can pick up there should it fail.
As for the video issue: does the problem persist when you change the size of the video Window?
Thanks again for your patience, it really helps us to make this as tight as possible.

Yes, performer samplerate is 96kHz.
There is no ‘export’ button in his setup/configuration tab.
In my audio folder is no .txt file. I’m about to delete the ‘performer rec_7’ file from the ‘recordings’ tab as it’s now halting every time and I don’t want to download all the files manually (by right-clicking them in the ‘manager’ tab).
I have some good news, though: by updating my video driver, the ‘green line’ problem disappeared. Thanks for the help!

Sorry, I was refering to functions (export, pickup on unfinished download) not yet present in the currently available versions. Actually, this could possibly solve your problems.
Good to know that you could resolve the video issue!

Hello, today we did some takes with the same problem recurring. some of the takes are not getting transferred to my system. My friend sends them to me via wetransfer, but it’s a rather tiresome job to get all the files this way… any idea when those new functions will be implemented?

Did you try Get HD Files several times? Also, I take you know the ‘Get Local HD Files’ function? Have Performer send you the folder with the name of the Cubase project and point that function there and takes should be inserted where missing. Finally, all Performer audio files have a timestamp that you can use to place those (use pool) at their origin position, should all else fail.
We hope to release around march, 20th.

yes I tried to get the files several times. Of no avail, one of them (it’s impossible to tell which one) slows down the transfer speed at the end of the transfer process, and stops. What’s really weird is that during this transfer process, it actually transfers more Mb than the file contains. (see attached picture). We tried to transfer the performer project folder and import the files via ‘get local files’, but I got the error message stating the HD file is corrupt. I can use it though by dragging the files into cubase.

That usually happens when the connection is not so good. In that case, some data could not be received and is requested for re-sending, which adds to the pile.

Indicates the same issue. At the end of the transfer process, blocks (data sections) which have not been received are requested to be resent.

so you can import all audio files of the performer folder presented to ‘Get Local Files’ manually? That’s weird. Could you send us the performer project of that folder (performerProjectXXX.xml)? I take that your picture shows the failing import so we can check the size, correct?

these are the xml files of that project. (I had to rename the .bak file because it wouldn’t upload). My picture shows the failing import indeed. When I dragged the audio file into cubase, it didn’t give any error messages.performerProject3088234770887557214.xml (24.0 KB)performerProject3088234770887557214 (bak).xml (23.9 KB)

Thanks for the files. Admittedly, can’t make any sense of it. There are 3 recordings, each with the stereo master, and 2 mono and one stereo channel, right? But none of those have anything close to the size of the download shown in your picture.
We’ll have a look at the crash first, thank you for helping us!

It’s possible that the xml file was sent to me before we did that take. if it happens again, I’ll make sure to provide you with the correct screenshots and xml files. we’re working right now, so it might be any moment now :slight_smile:

problems again. This time, after doing a few takes, i started the transfer, cubase crashed. Then I got the performer project folder from my friend, tried the ‘get local files’ function, cubase crashed again, crashdump in attachment, as well as the performer xml file.performerProject3088234770887557214.xml (25.8 KB) .Cubase 64bit 2021.3.5 (1.2 MB)

Hi stokkimojito,
do you think it is possible to give me the cpr-file and the zipped performer package? m.spork (at) steinberg.de
Thanx, Michael.


in the meantime we managed to worked on the project by starting a clean one and then importing all the audio. no glitches now. I could send you the cpr that gave us problems, but the performer file could easily be some 5 Gb as it kept all the takes (which we have no need for, fortunately :slight_smile: )

… let’s try the cpr, please. (m.spork (at ) steinberg.de). Thank you.