Everytime I "insert silence" or "cut time" it duplicates...

…ALL of the tracks contents.

So I use “insert silence” to add time in a section of the session and “cut time” to delete a section of the session. Hope I’m doing that right because I also see “delete time”.

Anyway, whenever I do this it creates a duplicate of the region and everything in it. I have to go and delete each and every note that is on top of the original, as well as the duplicated regions(square box’s in the project window with midi content in them) Sorry I don’t know there name other than region. Very time consuming and annoying. Do I need to turn on a setting to make this phenomenon not occur?

Any possibility of posting a screenshot or two? (a bit difficult to picture what you mean :wink: )
Anyways, there’s no reason for either of those two functions to cause duplicates.
(Btw, the difference between “Delete Time” and “Cut Time”, is that “Cut Time” deletes the range from the Project, likewise, but then places it in the Clipboard.)