Evil bug in Import Tracks from Project, 10.5.20

So yeah when I go File>Import> Tracks from Project and import some tracks to a new project, the volume is messed up and different from the original level.
For example it should be 0 and its 1.95 for many tracks.

Any clues? This is a heavy one.

Also the send levels get messed up, everything jumps to 1.95 :frowning:

Hi and welcome,

This might happen, if you use Volume Max. (Project Settings > Other Project Settings) in the source project and your current project. There are 2 options, you can use +6 dB or +12 dB. But normalised value is stored with the project (+1). The Project Settings decides to set it to +6 or +12 dB. So if the normalised value is (lets say) 0.1, Cubase with settings +6 dB round it to 0dB and Cubase with setting +6dB would round it to 1.95 dB (just an example).

Btw, default settings differ from Nuendo and Cubase. Cubase default settings is +6 dB, Nuendo default settings is +12 dB. But you can change the settings.

You sir are a legend! Totally saved the day! Thank you so much!