Evolution Steel Strings expression map

I’m slowly getting some nice variations in sounds with this Kontact library

There are percussion sounds (guitar body hits, golpes, scraches on strings etc…) that are mapped between c6 and c8 (outside the normal guitar range) that I would like to enter in the score with symbols or text custom expressions.

So far so good It works, but those perc. sounds should sound alone without the base note!
Is this already possible other than selecting the note in Write Mode and mute it in the Properties panel.


I’m sorry to say, Claude, that I don’t completely understand what you’re asking here. If you still need any help, can you be a bit more specific about the nature of the problem you’re having?

What is “missing” in the playing techniques editor is a mute check box that would mute the original note to wich a “replacing” playing technique/sample is applied.

in the joined png the 2 crossed G are not pitches but perc hits that should replace the crossed note pitch.

think of it as a playing technique that triggers a sample that replaces the note it is attached to

hope this is clearer


Right, I see: though of course you don’t show a playing technique in that screenshot. I assume you’re also adding at least a hidden playing technique there?

yes it was an example,
the playing tech is hidden