EW PLAY/CC & Omnisphere Workflow with Midi volume automation

EW CC recommends that you send a reset Volume CC in the beginning of the track so that you can control the volume with automations.

What’s the best way to use the track’s midi fader to achieve this? i.e. Ideally I’d like to use my faderport to control audio tracks audio volume and MIDI tracks’ midi volume/expression. For instance for a crescendo I’d like to just enter write automation and with the movement of the fader record the swell.

Those of you that have EW and omnisphere in your template please do share your workflow tips on volume/expression automation.


The common way is to send the “reset” MIDI Volume as a common MIDI message, i.e. MIDI CC 7, value 100. Could be, the EW can also receive the MIDI CC 121 Reset All Controllers. Which would be much more efficient.