EW Play: Midi Mixer Data does not load correctly

: I work with Cubase Elements 10. I usually set midi volumes for EW Play which I use as a rack (multi timbral) instrument with several patches loaded on separate midi channels.
The problem is when I reload the project, all the midi volume settings disappear, all midi volumes go back to the value 127 and I need to ‘touch’ the midi faders to resend the midi volume values to Play.
The issue only occurs in east West Play, other multi-timbral VTSi-s (Kontakt and Halion Sonic SE) work fine.
It does look as if EW Play is at fault (its automation handling is buggy anyway), but is there a solution/workaround?

Have you tried to specifically program a midi volume CC event at the beginning of the Cubase midi tracks in question?

In addition you may want to consider configuring the Chase Midi Events settings: https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_artist/v10/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/playback/playback_chase_c.html

Hi Nico5
Inserting Midi Volume changes work fine, however it is not the kind of solution I am looking for. I use the Midi Mixer for quick and rough volume adjustments while composing. Later, during the mixing stage, I set all the midi volume faders to 127 and I use the Instrument’s Multi outs to mix and this workflow would be highly hindered by some midi volume events hard-printed into the the tracks (or automation lanes)
The chase events function is set as the manual suggest it, it does not help.