EW Symph Choirs not available as a plugin choice

I’m using EastWest’s Symphonic Choirs and WordBuilder as a plugin in Cubase 5.
I’m following their instructions to plugin via the “Device” menu, vst Instruments,
which (according to them) should show the word “PLAY” in the dropdown list, where
User is then able to choose that and plugin. Trouble is… It does not show up in the list.
“Symph Choirs” also does not show up in the list, nor does “Goliath” (another EW plugin)

I AM able to see others in the list (Halion… etc), but nothing from EastWest.
Both my STAND-ALONE versions are working, and I am able to get sound from both
of them. But cannot seem to get connected as a plugin.

You need to point to the location of the .dll’s via Plugin Info-VST 2.x paths in Devices and re-start Cubase.

Thank you for your reply. The tech at steinberg replied with the same solution, then
told me to contact EastWest. Hmmm… Anyway, It doesn’t work. It tried pointing to
the location of my plugin dll’s for Symph Choirs, but the “Add” button brings up a path
choice, and DOES NOT allow me to get deep enough to the dll’s. It goes this far:
“C:\ProgramFiles\EastWest\WordBuilderPLAY” The NEXT level (which the path choice
box will not allow me to get to) shows 2 dll’s and the WordBuilderPlay64.exe.

So, I go as far as I can go, add this path to the choices, accept the change, close Cubase.
But when I re-open, the choice is STILL not there in Devices\VST Instruments.
I can’t choose “WordBuilder” or “Symph
Choirs” or “Goliath” because they simply do not show up, and all of which reside in my system.
All of which, by the way, are working properly as a stand-alone.

Create a folder on the desktop name whatever you want, drag the .dll’s to it and point to that location via Plugin Info.

Thanks for your patience. Sorry, but that doesn’t work either.

Then those can’t be .dll’s. Post a screenshot of the files you’re dealing with. Did you re-start Cubase after pointing via Plugin Info?

Thank you. I’m managing to get a little further in the solution. I contacted EastWest and (finally) got a reply. They said that the “Play” file was probably installed to some default location, and that I had to move it . Did that, and now I’m able to get the play_vst to show up as a choice in my VST instruments. So far… so good.

NOW- I’m trying to incorporate the “WordBuilder” into the whole process. I don’t know how familiar you are with the WordBuilder plugin, but it allow User to make the Symphonic Choirs sing actual words and syllables in addition to pitches. The whole process is VERY confusing.

I want to thank you for your time, and I’m going to post another message directing it to Users of this whole process.
(Sym Choirs / WordBuilder ) If you are one, I’d be happy to hear from you. In the mean time, THANK YOU !