EW Symphonics Choir in Dorico

Hi. I am new to Dorico, and I am testing the Elements version to see if it is worth the money outlay. I would like to know if the Wordbulider of the vst EW Symphonics Choir runs in this version. I’m trying and I can’t, I don’t know if it’s only possible in the Pro version, or also in the Elements version. In case it is possible, I would appreciate some indications. Thank you

If it works in Pro then it should also do in Elements. Have you whitelisted the EW plug-in? If not, go to Edit > Preferences and then to the VST-Plug-ins tab. First make sure that the search paths point also to the directory where the EW plug-in is (and restart if it was not). Does it then appear in the list of Blocked Plug-ins? Move it over to the list of Allowed PLug-ins, close and restart Dorico.

It depends on what’s not working. Ulf is suggesting what to do if the plug-in is not working but my interpretation is that this is OK but that just Wordbuilder is not working properly.

If the latter then there was a thread just around ten days ago which you can read here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=189463&p=1065626&hilit=symphonic+choirs#p1065626. This followed a shorter one in May. Basically it does work if you use v5 of PLAY. It will not work with v6. But even then there are some complications and I tried to make clear clear what I do in this recent thread. It might be best if you ask any further questions there to avoid duplication as it’s not the easiest combination in the world although I find better results in terms of tempo changes than I had in Sibelius.

On the other hand, if you test it out in Elements and Pro and find it works only in Pro – unlikely I would have thought – then Ulf’s your man!

Yes, WordBuilder doesn’t work. It flags up alerts about ‘internal errors’, and the sound is just all wrong. I’ve been talking to EW about it, and they are looking at it.

Thank you all for your responses. I will prove what you tell me and I’ll tell you. It will take a few days because I am involved with work issues. Thank you.

I have been browsing through the different forums indicated, which are magnificent indeed, and very illustrative. Followed the instructions of dk22 and uninstalled Play 6, installing Play version 5.01. It is true that it works, but it also gives some problems, and above all I have to say from my experience, that the WB of Play 6 is much more flexible and rich than that of Play 5, I think it is quite improved. At least I, in Cubase I get things with version 6 that version 5 has not left me. So I decided to stick with Play 6, since I prefer the quality that I get with WB 6 in Cubase rather than the one that WB 5 gives me. with Dorico and Cubase. I will use the Halion choruses with Dorico, or any other that I have, although I do not formulate myself to build words, but I will finish the works with Cubase Pro 10.5, where I get very satisfactory results. The conclusion that I draw from all this as a user is that I cannot believe that nowadays technology does not allow the incorporation of Dorico’s functionality as a score editor into Cubase. Because in the end Dorico is a bad sequencer, and Cubase is a bad score editor. By contrast, Dorico is an excellent editor (apparently because I still have to study it, although I do not doubt it) and Cubase is an excellent sequencer, I can attest to that. For me it is a shame not being able to work from cubase to edit scores with the level that Dorico offers. I hope that in the not too distant future it can be like this. Finally, according to what I have told, and taking into account that I basically do choral scores and some orchestral arrangements although less, I am in doubt about buying the Elements or the Pro version. The price difference is important (€ 37.5 compared to € 280), although the Pro is still a temptation to be at 50% until December 7. I ask you to give me arguments to lean towards one or the other.

Thank you all very much and best regards.

JuanRi, I understand your dilemma. We certainly know that there is a lot of appetite for closer integration between Dorico and Cubase, and this is absolutely something we are planning to achieve, though it is a complex project that will take time, and we were not even in a position to really consider starting to work in this direction until Dorico had sufficient functionality to be useful to a wide range of musicians as a stand-alone application, which I feel we have now more or less achieved.

In terms of whether you should go for Elements or Pro, if you want to work on orchestral scores, you really need Pro: you cannot write for more than 12 players in Elements. I believe you will also find the additional functionality, not only for Engrave mode (allowing you a great deal of additional flexibility in the layout and formatting of your music), but also for features like condensing and divisi vital for orchestral work.

A good year ago when I was still using Sibelius, I had a specific issue with PLAY 6 that repeated notes of the same pitch were no longer played when using Wordbuilder because Sibelius didn’t send note off messages and that was the reason I downgraded to 5 and have been working happily (well, as happy as is possible with PLAY) with Symphonic Choirs ever since. If that was the only issue with 6, then in Dorico then it shouldn’t be an issue as Dorico can of course send note off messages. But clearly it isn’t. If it’s true that EWQL are replacing PLAY with a a new interface (about time), rather like VSL have done with Synchron, then perhaps these issues will be in time forgotten.