EWQL Brass Expression Maps!

Hello all!
I wanted to make this post because I put a lot of work into making these templates and if I can save some people time by uploading these, I will!
I added a .zip file that include expression libraries for all EWQL Hollywood Brass! These are expression libraries made for Dorico, with Dorico, not Cubase.
Once loaded up, and by following the directions in the pdf I put in there, all articulations should run smooth and you can use your beautiful brass library with Dorico! I tried uploading all of my VST Presets to load into Play, but they seem to be too large of a file. So instead, I will write what the Play player needs for each instrument. It’s extremely easy as MOST have only two sound libraries that are loaded: Sus_Short KS and Effects KS.
The only exception is solo trombone as it has many different sound sets that need to be loaded. Which are listed in the PDF “READ ME” file I added.
If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to say something! I don’t mind elaborating on anything that needs to be explained further.

I would also just like to say that this program is amazing. I have been a Sibelius user for the past 7 years, and the power this program allows with expression mapping, Midi playback adjustment, and engraving is unreal. Also, Dorico has yet to crash on me, so woooo! Dorico team, keep it up! Can’t wait for the Virtual Drumline percussion maps to be available through TheWriteScore.com since I don’t have enough time to sit and map out that who library haha

Also to anyone who sees this and/or uses these maps, good luck with your writing! :smiley:
EWQL Hollywood Brass Expression Maps.zip (84.6 KB)


Thanks, I’ve added to the list: Expression Maps for Dorico 3.5+ - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

That is great. Thanks for the lot of work, you did by programming these Expression Maps. I am locking forward to try them out extensivly. Any Plans for Hollywood Strings :slight_smile:

Thanks for this - very useful.

No plan for strings because I do not have access to them. That being said, I believe the link above to should take you to a list of expression maps available. I believe strings are on there.
Good luck!

Like Paul said, lots of possible ways to work with EWQL. Here is another set of expression maps, playback templates, and presets if you wish to try them (no warranty) Some of the differences are:

A) I just wasn’t getting the dynamics I wanted, so I used samples that extend to Niente, and I tweaked CC 07 some along with CC 11 or 1 depending.

B) I don’t use Bartok Pizz, or richochet etc. very often, so I don’t used the keys witched version that loads all of that. I put them on channels where you can load them or not - but the expression map is already set up to use them if you do load them. The end result (for me) is a much faster load time and less memory use depending on your piece. Here is how that works:

Minimum config (Number represents MIDI channel)

  1. Long Powerful /3 NV NV VB VB Ni
  2. Shorts Tight /Spic Marc Mod

Additional FX that may be Individually loaded as Needed (MUST retain Channel Numbers)

  1. Effects/Trill HT WT Ni
  2. Effects/Tremelo HT WT Ni
    5.Shorts Tight / Pizz
  3. Shorts Tight/ Bartok Pizz
    7.Shorts Tight/Richochet

C) I included the controls for different figure positions, repetition, forcing a round robin reset, vibrato control

D) I also included in the zip and large playback template solo maps for Hollywood Solo Cello and Violin,

E) I also included in the zip and large playback template Symphonic Woodwinds and low Woodwind expressions maps. (I like them because they were recorded with a wider stereo field that the Hollywood series.
EWQL Symphonic Presets.zip (559 KB)
Hollywood Strings Presets.zip (1.67 MB)
EW Strings gdb.zip (1.74 MB)

As a composer still struggling with the intricacies of playback technology, I’m mightily relieved that templates are being made available as the result of the hard work of users like yourself, https://forums.steinberg.net/u/charleswtjr- thank you. It seemed to me that EWQL’s Hollywood Brass would be the way to go, but I’m wondering whether it’s been recently discontinued. The only library with a similar name that I can find is Hollywood Pop Brass, which isn’t - on the basis of its name - suitable for my needs, and it seems now that the brass section is contained within the Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition. Would I be able to use your template with that product?

Pardon for asking. But are these maps for Opus? Opus version of Hollywood Brass only has 1 master keyswitch and I’m assuming from the pdf included that it is Play version 6.1.9 used to make these work. No stress. Thanks for your hard work! Cheers Simon.

Opus updates and extends the samples available for Hollywood Brass (and the others) and did so very recently. You would see them in the EWQL browser as separate downloads but once installed you will find the files in the same directory as the original Hollywood Brass. Just won Library of the Year I think, and definitely not discontinued.

Previous templates in general still work with Opus, though I can’t say that the new Opus K/S sample patches are exactly the same 'cause I’ve stayed away from K/S patches.

For real, Opus is on a whole other level IMO from Play 6, and I would personally find it more than worth it should you have to take time to make some changes.

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Update on these maps. I did make these before the new Opus engine came out. So because the KS switched to a customizable one, these are probably not good anymore. I have since map a few expression maps that were disigned for the Opus engine, but not for all instruments. Once I get some extra time to make the rest of them, I will upload them here. There is no ETA on them yet as i have recently switch my default library to 8dio Century Brass, so i dont use EWQL as much anymore. I will make a new post once I finish the Opus expression maps.
Thank you for your time and patience.

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So I decided to just go ahead and update all the expression maps the Hollywood Brass library now in the Opus interface. There is a READ ME page in there that talks about which sounds to manually load. There aren’t many, and most deal with either mutes, trills, or Rips. If you don’t care about those, feel free to skip the added mappings. The trypical articulations should work perfectly fine.
Happy writing! There will be another post shortly that will feature the Hollywood Woodwinds expression maps if anyone is interested.
EWQL - Hollywood Brass - Expression Maps.zip (101.6 KB)


Great stuff Charles, much appreciated. Looking fwd to trying them out. :trumpet: