EWQL instrument assignments lost forever on upgrade?

Opening projects created in Cubase Elements 6 which I have upgraded to Cubase Pro 8, tracks remain assigned to the EWQLSO player (play_VST_x64), but the instrument voices previously set up for them aren’t loaded into the player - nor their names displayed in the player’s browser nor anywhere else.

Any sample set will work if I now load it, but I can’t rebuild every track as it was without at least a record of exactly which instrument voice is loaded for each of many instances of the player in any project. it won’t be possible to recall in every case, and in many cases I don’t name the track for the instrument (and never for the specific voice.)

I fear a possible troubleshooting bounce ahead between vendors but I post this with faith in things steinbergian.

I think I’ve solved this. Copied the EWQL player .dll into the VST plug-ins folder in the Cubase 8 64 bit program folder. (The application crashed when I had another copy in the VST plug-ins folder in the global Steinberg folder, though.)