EWQL libraries - out of my depth

Some years ago I bought a whole bunch of EWQL libraries in their half-price sale, thinking that they might come in useful at some point. Now that I’ve been using Dorico 3.5 Pro for a couple of years, I thought I might try them for the first time. However, I can’t even get to first base, despite reading a lot of posts, watching a specific video (How to Whitelist VST2 Instruments for Use in Dorico | Play Mode in Dorico - YouTube) and searching through the 3.5 manual. It doesn’t help that the technical terminology is beyond me, but it does appear that some of it has been deprecated since the original posts/videos (e.g. ‘whitelist’ and ‘whitelisted’ don’t occur anywhere in the manual), and many of the links in the forum are broken, presumably because the forum was moved to another provider since.
Playback isn’t a high priority for me in using Dorico (NotePerformer suits me more than fine), so this is not an urgent request by any means. But I’m curious. Could somebody point me in the right direction towards at least getting my EWQL libraries showing in Dorico? The above video refers to a folder called ‘VSTPlugins’ in Program Files>Steinberg>VSTfiles, but that isn’t listed on my PC.
I admit to being out of my depth in this area, but if anyone can help me to make the first steps I’d be most grateful.

Hey Gareth,

the latest PLAY versions should be VST3 and show up automatically! You might have to update the plugin in order for them to show…


P.S.: I just took another look at their website, you can download the Installation Center in the support section, that will take care of updating and maintaining the various libraries.

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