Is now available - just letting everyone know since I never got the email I signed up for, but did discover by accident that it was live on their site.

My immediate impression is a HUGE improvement in project load times using the quick load switch, and that its still a bit buggy with my set up - particularly, it “forgets” about samples that I have loaded on an external drive. Not always - it appears to have a grudge against the English Horn :slight_smile: But there is a new software patch version that I am about to try. Also eager to try it with Hollywood Choirs versus the problems with Play 6.

thanks for the heads-up but I’m not quite clear whether this is just a new player integrated with Hollywood products or whether it can replace PLAY in something like the older Symphonic Choirs?

Yeah, I’m hazy on that too. Not really Dorico-related, but if someone could shed some light on this, I’d be grateful…


It does both

in which case where can you download it? If it’s only available by purchasing the new Hollywood orchestra --as seems to be the case anywhere I look – then it’s of no use.

Or perhaps it will be available later, just not yet.

When using the Opus player instruments sound absolutely horrible - obviously I am missing a step or two.

When you update the East West Installation Center to the latest version (1.4.1), Opus will be offered to you. Just downloading at the moment …

I’ve just found the following on the EW support centre

Will I be able to upgrade to the Opus engine without buying Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition?

Currently you must purchase Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition to get the OPUS software. People who purchase any product post-release will also get OPUS. All ComposerCloud members will automatically get OPUS. But we are going to wait a while before allowing previous PLAY product purchasers to upgrade in order to assist our support team during this major upgrade period. When we do provide that option, it will be a paid upgrade.

So that answers my question.
Unless the information is wrong of course.