EWQL Symphonic Silver: from old iMac to new Windows 7 PC

Hi everybody,

Recently, I put my old Tiger OS (10.4) 2007 iMac (with DP) to rest and decided to change platform and DAW so I built a Windows 7 PC machine w/Cubase 6 (please see my sig.) On the other hand I have a set of July/2008 EWQL Silver Symphonic disks, that are ready for Windows Vista, BUT not for Windows 7, anyway I tried to install the whole EWQLSO Silver Complete package and apparently the installation was correct BUT I can NOT manage to make Cubase 6 recognize the Silver Symphonic VST instrument, so I proceeded to update the EWQLSO Silver Instrument to ver. 1.0.2 and also installed the Play_Update_2.1.2_64_bit and I was successful to run the stand alone Play version, but no matter what, I can NOT make the VST Play Symphonic instruments to appear in Cubase 6, so I suspect there are some other components that must be newer, maybe some drivers or plug-ins, I really don’t know, so the Questions is:
¿do I necessarily need a brand new set of EWQL disks or there is something less complicated that i could do to fix this?

any help will be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I am posting this on the EWQL forums also.