Hi Daniel, if I may ask. Will I actually (at last ) be able to use my expensive EWQLSO Platinum & Choirs. I really could (even right now) not use it at all…even having a Sound Set? Jonothan did do a fine job trying to make it work in Sibelius, but I unavoidable have to revert back to Noterperformer. I have a very good system, so it’s NOT that I do not have the minimum requirements, MORE that enough recourses.


I anticipate that you will certainly be able to load your EW Play-based libraries in Dorico, but you should expect to have to do a reasonable amount of setup to get the sounds loaded and all of the various instruments and playing techniques routed to them.

Oh boy! I hope it’s not too difficult and hopefully, well documented. I take it (by what you implied) that there will not be some sort of configuration XML that “binds” the VST…like a sort of Soundset type file.I guess what I’m asking is, by what you said: “…you should expect to have to do a reasonable amount of setup to get the sounds loaded…” will I have to setup a sort of my own soundset. Do I need to do the “reasonable amount of setup” for EVERY score I create in order to use EWQL or do I go through the “reasonable amount of setup” only ONCE? Sorry if I sound confusing.

I seem to think that if one set up a Cubase project, one must always define all the track and set up all it’s properties, busses channels etc. I take it that (in contrast to Sibelius), Dorico will “look” at a stave pretty much as a track in Cubase, with all those properties to set up…maybe for you guys to make it easier to “marry” Dorico and Cubase? Oh dear, I hope it is NOT too difficult to set up a VST in Dorico. Or…maybe I can create a score and set up everything and then use it as a template?

Please see this other thread (and the post I link to in that one): https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=98947&p=546534&hilit=playback+template#p546534