EWQLSO Expression Map Controlling dynamics on tied notes

Hi. I’ve downloaded the EWQLSO Expression map from the Dorico website, which works fine apart from when I have long notes such as ties. When I place a crescendo or diminuendo under these notes there is no variation in volume. As an experiment I attempted to adjust the volume within the dynamic grid in Play, again with no effect. I’m using the solo Trombone as my guinea pig. It works fine on single notes. There is obviously something I’m missing here and was wondering if anyone could help. I’ve had a good root around on the forum and can’t seem to find a solution. There is one post regarding EWQL Gold. The solution there was to change the Volume Dynamic within the Expression map for the Trombone to CC11. It didn’t work.

This is what I’ve got from East West

MIDI Continuous Controllers (CC’s)
Below are the most commonly used MIDI Continuous Controllers (CCs).
• The Mod Wheel (CC1) is programmed differently depending on the instrument, but generally is used to shape loudness, dynamics, and/or vibrato.
• Volume (CC7) is used to set the overall instrument volume. It is recommended that
you set the relative balance among all the instruments in your project by inputting
a starting value at the beginning of your project.
• Panning (CC10) adjusts the relative loudness between the stereo channels to offset the
instrument right or left of center. Please note that some libraries are recorded in the
positions instruments normally sit in a concert hall.
• Expression (CC11) is used to change an instrument’s loudness within a line of music,
like a crescendo or decrescendo, relative to overall volume loudness (CC7).

Looks to me like CC11 isn’t working within tied notes. Help :slight_smile:
Regards W