EWQLSO Gold - problem with playback in Cubase 7


I have a problem with EWQLSO Gold. The VST orchestra is working with Cubase 7. Everything was alright til the yesterday morning.

When I playback my composition everything is alright but the problem appears after the playback, when I try to playback tracks once again only few instruments playback (let say 5 from 40 available). I was trying many thing (reinstall of DAW, drivers, even reinstallation of system, reloading of VST instruments in DAW). I’m confused because I don’t know what else I can do. I have never encountered this problem before.

Is this is a problem of EW orchestra or my DAW? Have you heard about this problem before?
I am using integrated sound card, ASIO4ALLv2.11, windows 8.1

Best regards

Have you checked your meters, did you check you CPU & RAM to see if they’re full? EWQLSO can load quite a bit into memory!

If that were the case, I believe the instrument chosen to load would still display in Play’s browser.
There’s plenty of ram free - I can load any number of voices and they play fine.
The meters only show activity if I load ( and play) a sample.
Curiously, an installation of 6 remains on the system. I can open projects in that but it’ll be a pain to transpose all the instrument information between projects.