exactly synchronize 2 tracks

is there a function which automatically synchronize 2 tracks? (like in Adobe Premiere Pro)
for example: I record audio with 2 different camcorders and want to sync the audio tracks.
its a lot of work to do it manually and not 100% exact, so I´m curious if there is an automatic function

thank you

AFAIK there is no automatic way to do this in Cubase.

It’s an area Steinberg could usefully go to, it would have a number of applications. I use Final Cut Pro X and often use it to synchronise multiple camera footage.

In the meantime, it’s not that hard to find a part of the waveform (transients are best) and zoom right in to the tacks to match them up - you can get sample level accuracy this way.

yeah but manually I often get phasing artefacts and its a lot of work when synchronize 20 tracks.
thanks for the advise, will try Final Cut Pro. Adobe Premiere is not bad at synchronizing but often not 100% perfect.