Example of MIDI Chase Events

I have to admit, I ran into Chase Events by accident when I realized Cubase was sending out Program Changes on my hardware synth when I changed the tempo of track in Cubase (for example).

Of course in Preferences > MIDI > Chase Events, I deselect “Program Change” & no more issue there.

But now I’m left wondering how you use Chase Events in your music. Does anyone uncheck all of these boxes? Do you leave them at there default settings? Obviously if you have everything sounding good on your synth and before you got to record it to audio, you don’t want to accidentally click on a feature that changes the settings of your synth by accident.

Just wondering what are some use case examples. Which version of Cubase did Chase Events appear?


On my side, Chase Events is always enabled. I need to jump in the project freely and always get the correct CCs values at that place.