example projects


I’m completely new to Dorico

I want to evaluate it.

The first thing I want to do is see the results that I might be able to obtain with it.

Are there any examples of completed well-known orchestral works that
I can see the scores of and listen to the sound synthesis?



There are some example pages at the bottom of https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/dorico/resources.html

As an aside, I recall those two ‘Launch Event’ pieces (from Thomas Hewitt Jones in London and the Radio String Quartet in Vienna) - I’m sure there was talk way back, of possibly including these (or just the THJ piece.?) as working examples of Dorico’s abilities… not sure what came of the ‘talk’ though…

Learning by example = good

For newcomers, the audio output of the HALion instrument to go with those examples @ianpartridge points to, would be good as well - IMHO. I guess, all in due course… :wink:


Yes, Thomas did kindly agree to allow us to distribute the score to DORICOverture with the software, and we will include it when we get around to putting in some example projects. I will try to prioritise this for the next update.

These are PDF files I wanted The .dorico files that produced these



I think a decent set of example .dorico files that you could play around with would be a great help.

A set of graded examples - starting with a single instrument and adding more detail as the examples
get more complex - they don’t have to be long - a page or two would suffice.

I’d like the see and hear the results ‘out of the box’ ie just by loading the example project and hitting
play :slight_smile: