example score bug ?

In the “preces and response” example I don’t have any playhead in the full score. It does appear in the different parts.
Bug ?

It’s working fine here…

I’m on PC - maybe that’s why…?

Actually, despite what my signature says, so am I! An HP ZBook Studio G3 laptop, with 4 i7 processors, 16gb RAM and a 512GB SSD. Oh, and Windows 10 Pro.

I’m on mac, I’m just trying it now, and guess what ? No playhead showing in full score either !

I’ve messed with my fonts, so I wonder if maybe I’ve saved myself from a new 1.2 bug?!

I don’t know… Anyway, the playhead does not show, and the display won’t follow it. Strange.

Actually, I completely misunderstood the original post. My addled brain thought it was talking about NOTEheads, not the PLAYhead. Ignore me - I have exactly the same problem with missing playhead here, though it does seem to play correctly.

Dear pianoleo,

I am SO relieved to see that sometimes, you too miss a word in a post :wink: I have been messing a lot this afternoon on another thread :joy:
Anyway, I wish you a great end of year !

And you Marc!

The playhead will only follow the master music frame chain, and in that example score there’s no master frame chain, so this is what we would expect at the moment.

Indeed! Thank you Daniel for that hint!