Examples and tutorials of really complex HSO in use?

I’ve been playing around with the Halion Sonic (SE) stuff and wanted to buy Halion Symphonic Orchestra but I’m both curious and skeptical. What I would like is:
1- To listen some really complex examples of what can be achieved using VST and this library.
2- To know if the HSO comes with cubase project example files in order for me to learn to use it in a very complex way.
3-To know if there are any tutorials designed to teach the complexities of this type of software.

Thanks you =D

Please Steinberg! help me know why I should buy HSO if I may never really know how to use it fully? =D


Below a link to the older HALion Symphonic Orchestra manual which has a more comprehensive introduction e.g. :

  • Tutorial: Arranging orchestra sections
  • Indroduction of instruments
  • Hierarchy and harmonic weight


best regards

I was still very curious about this. Thank you. :smiley:

The ftp link didn’t work by the way. Is there another one? :smiley:

Hmm, doesn’t work? Then try do navigate there manually:
enter: ftp.steinberg.de
select: Download
select: VSTi_HALion_Symphonic_Orchestra
select: Docs

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Yeap, sorry. I had a connection problem that I already fixed and your link worked perfectly.

Thanks again!

This is old stuff
Cubase 6.5 has now expression maps and i like to see some example made with the expressionmaps

Cubase is these days still difficult to use for score composing, so i don’t understand why there is not a focus on this to improve this?
Vst Symhonic is not been sold anymore ?..comes there a replacement for this in the future?
Marketing ?