Examples by Steinberg / Dorico team

It is hard to evaluate any software without having a demo version, and as well I could not find any finished examples of the final output of Dorico.
When you install Dorico, do you get any examples included?

Here we go:
I would like to see examples of an orchestral movement, finished with parts, made by Dorico team.

Examples I would like you to share with us are:

  • Brahms: Piano concerto No 2 (one movement)
  • Debussy: Jeux
  • Berg: Violin concerto (one movement)

Thanks, O.

We plan to make a demo version available in the next few weeks, which should include some example scores.

Good. I think that a demo version AND score examples are very crucial. Thank you.
Edition Octoechos

I tried to attach a score as a sample but we’re limited to 2 megabytes on this site, and dorico files are big - even if zipped up.

Cue notes are not implemented yet, so producing parts with V1 isn’t really possible yet. Also, I’m struggling with page turning. There are no page breaks? I can insert system breaks to end a system with rests, but I’ve yet to discover a way to have the subsequent systems appear on the next page. Surely, each part cannot be expected to use their own master pages or overrides?

These are called frame breaks in Dorico. Have a read of the section in the documentation: http://steinberg.help/dorico/v1/en/dorico/topics/engrave_mode/engrave_mode_frame_breaks_c.html

You can attach big files with http://www.wetransfer.com and insert the link, or via DropBox, GoogleDrive or so.
You can add a picture via http://www.imgur.com

I have seen just one example done by Knut, at http://www.notat.io forum, but it is a fair simple example.
Stravinsky / Ravel score would be nice to have, no? PDF is fine, for us who don’t have Dorico.

OCTO, if you think we’re going to have time to prepare entire movements of Brahms, Debussy and Berg as example projects in the next few weeks, you’ve got another thing coming!

Better yet, OCTO, why don’t you prepare the list of examples in Dorico? Surely you can throw down a few euro’s for your own copy of this remarkable software. I would love to have these examples to analyze in Dorico.


Thank you, sir! Then, I’m just waiting for cue notes, and I’m ready to go!

I know it can be a hard task to engrave Berg, but we really need to see some output from Dorico, by Dorico’s team. I don’t know why you haven’t done it prior releasing the product. That is so extremely important.

You could use http://www.notat.io forum as an independent place where we could compare Dorico’s output with other notation applications.

I can’t. I really earn very little, as a freelance composer. And for now I have two engraving applications that fit what I need.