Excellent "free" synth - Vacuum Pro

Free as in you’ve got to buy Computer Music magazine this month - it comes with a copy of Air Technology’s Vacuum Pro (plus an expansion pack), a really nice sounding synth - very light on the CPU and extremely warm sounding. Yes I know you can often buy this synth discounted for £15-£20. It’s still a cracker at that price.

Computer Music is worth buying at least once because a lot of their plugins are excellent, my favourites:
Sonimus Satson CM - really warm sounding saturation and filters.
Lindel 6X-500 CM fantastic EQ for adding bottom end.
Audiothing valvefilter CM, filter + valve saturation.
Pink CM - really nice API-style EQ.
PSP cmDelay - great sounding “analogue” delay.
SKnote snap - an interesting variant on a transient enhancer/duller!
D16 Frontier very good limiter
Ignite Vice One - very versatile and warm compressor.
Toneboosters Barricade CM, awesome limiter, but range limited so it either shines or doesn’t quite get there depending on material.
Hornet Fat Fet - a classic 1176LN sounding compressor.

No, I don’t work for them! :laughing: