EXCELLENT job on Cubase 6, Steinberg.

OK, many of you will know me from the old forums as being one of the most critical users of Steinberg products… that’s because I make very tweak-heavy electronic music. I don’t use my DAW as a tape recorder… I flex the MIDI and VSTi capability to the breaking point, and I do this as a rule, not an exception.

I must say, you lovely Teutons have finally done it! Now THIS is a proper sequencer! I still get the odd crash when loading a project occasionally, but it’s not in the middle of my work, and it doesn’t affect my work. It’s really stable for the most part, unless a certain VSTi decides to take the whole program down for no apparent reason, but I can usually isolate these problems and blame it on the developers of said VST(i).

For all intents and purposes, Cubase 6 is near-masterpiece. I don’t throw words around like that lightly… you guys and gals at Steinberg have done a really fine job on this one, and Yamaha should be proud of their decision to buy Steinberg from Pinnacle.

It finally paid off. Also, I’m VERY pleased to see that the mods are taking a more active role in the forums and are being friendlier as well. It puts me in a really good mood. Few things can be as frustrating as trying to get the most out of any DAW, what with all the dependent programs, hardware issues, etc.

Cubase 6 + Fireface 400 is IT for me, man… this is just glorious. I’ve been working for hours without a crash, and I just had to pause to write this.

Splendid work! Keep those bug fixes coming, and the word-of-mouth will make you all rich beyond your wildest dreams. Well, maybe not, but it WILL be incredibly rewarding knowing you’re developing what in time will be the de facto modern studio standard. Pro Tools can’t touch this for modern styles of music. Nothing can.



Glad I’m reading this, I’ll be reformatting and installing Cubase 6 Artist today :slight_smile:


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