Excellent output!

Daniel and team,

I wanted you to know that I agree that the output in Dorico is superb!!! I have studied lots of music over the last 25+ years, and you guys have really hit home with the way the notation looks. I haven’t used every feature of the software yet, but so far I am finding the output to be incredibly good. I printed up a part last night to look at the way it came out. And it is quite excellent. I didn’t touch a thing and it is very readable, and the little things like shortening the ledger line so the accidental sits where it should really shows the effort you went into.

As someone who always had to tweak files in Finale and way more so in Sibelius, I want to say thank you!!! While I can still see where I might have to get in there and fix things by hand, it will be far less than what the other programs require.