Exception error and No recording file could be created

Hello first of all, I am working with Cubase Elements ver. 12.02. I have the error message “Exception error” when exporting audio. But only with Waves and Mp3. Aiff and Flac works. If it was only one project. But ALL projects are affected as old and new. It could be the last update but how can I downgrade to version 12 again to test it? I’ve tried the usual suggestions like starting as administrator, uninstalling and reinstalling and using Alt,Shift and Control to reset Cubase, deactivating third party plugins, changing ASIO drivers, creating a new project and several restarts. Nothing worked. No export to Wave and Mp3.
And when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I got the message, “No recording file could be created”. The tracks were created but they are inactive because of the error. The old analogue recordings are playing. Before I have to go to extremes and call support or change the DAW, I’d rather ask here again.
I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

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That could be a disk access problem. Do you record to an external hard disk?

I called support. I also had performance problems in addition to the other problems. I had 6 instances of plugins open at 128 samples and ASIO-Guard was always overloaded. The solution was to downgrade from Cubase version 12.02 to Cubase 12.0. This solved all the problems at once. Everything works normally again. The support was very helpful. Therefore 5 out of 5 stars from me… :slight_smile: