Exception for slash (inverted) chord symbol?

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I’m wondering if there is a way to make an exception for a single inverted chord to not be abbreviated with the slash and its new root (ex: D, D/A in stead of simply “/A”).

As you can see in the example below, due the fact that the 5th ending is a D/A, it is abbreviating the chord due to the D chord at the fourth ending. However, in the context of reading, a player would go from the G#dim7 to the 5th ending only to see “/A”, which is very confusing (I can understand that Dorico sees it as a continuation of the previous bar, but this is incorrect). I know I could simply change that default setting for the whole document, but there are other instances of altered bass notes in the rest of the piece that I don’t want to alter.

I checked out the properties panel in Engrave mode and couldn’t see a toggle to “Show full chord” or something of the sort, but maybe I am missing something. Thanks as always for the support.

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It is in Engraving Options under Altered Bass Notes.
Full chords w/ bass can be overridden for individual chord symbols in the Properties Panel.

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Would this help?

Select the " /A " at the start of the 5th ending, open Properties, click on the button for “Hide root and quality” (in the Chord Symbols" section) but don’t click in the box.



Thank you very much for weighing in, Derrek. However, as mentioned, I’m not looking to turn off that function outright since there are many instances beforehand where I do want to keep this abbreviated approach. Again, I appreciate your time.

My hero! Thanks so much. I should have poked around and experimented further by clicking stuff and seeing what happens. Thank you so much for your help!