EXCEPTION OCCURRED Halion Sonic SE in Cubase Elements 9.5

I just purchased Cubase Elements 9.5 from Sweetwater and loaded it on a Win 10 laptop with 16GB RAM and an i7 Processor. Registered and activated. Watched some tuts and went in and loaded an instrument track. Used the BROWSER to select the acoustic piano patch from Halion Sonic SE. The track loads but when I click on the EDIT INSTRUMENT icon in the track, I get an error message AN EXCEPTION OCCURRED.SAVE YOUR WORK AND RESTART THE APP. THE EXCEPTION WAS THROWN BECAUSE OF THE PLUGIN Halion Sonic SE.
Thought Elements might need an update so I installed the new 9.5.40 Build 259 and same result.

I called Sweetwater and they told me to go to the Steinberg website and download Halion Sonic SE as a separate downloan and install it. I did this but I still have the same problem. When I double click the standalone app using the installed icaon to maybe enter the activation code, app does open. I double click it and it just sits. I have tried and tried.

This is a new program. Brand new install. Screenshot of error below.

Hopefully there is a solution? I would like to buy some libraries for Halion Sonic SE but can’t do so if it won’t work in Elements 9.5.

Thanks for your help!