Excess of tremolo in the string section of Halion Sonic 3 SE

Hi , I wanted to know if you could help me with this problem.
This is the track that I composed for a movie with Cubase Elements 11 and several Halion Sonic SE3 string sounds including the vst called “slow strings”.
To my ears has an excess of tremolo (in several points, especially the instrumental version which begins at 2:22 ) My composition "Generosity",from the movie "The Meaning of life" - YouTube ,and I just read an old post on this forum where a user,like me, complained about this tremolo excess of the Halion Sonic violin vst section and the moderator replied that with the full version of Halion Sonic he would be able to regulate the tremolo intensity and to have more control over other parameters as well. Is this true? Because if so, I’ll buy a full version of Halion Sonic in order to improve these two tracks of the soundtrack.
But the problem is also that this vst, “slow strings”, produces really excess tremolo only with the pressure of CERTAIN keys (notes) on my master keyboard(Studiologic SL 88 GRAND), while with other keys the level of it is acceptable. What could have been the reason behind this choice in assigning more tremolo to one note rather than another? I just can’t understand the reason and the meaning of it, obviously not being a deliberate choice related to the physics/acoustics of the instrument that the programmers had to recreate.
I would therefore need, to improve my composition, as well as decrease the tremolo in some notes, to transform some of them from “trembled” to continuous on the piano roll, can this be done with Cubase or perhaps with the full version of Halion Sonic? And if so how?

Thank for your help