Excess space under mixer window


This has bugged me since 6.5 and it’s still present in v7 - when opening a mixer window, there’s always extra black space underneath the faders which I cannot get rid off, whether trying to adjust the window or fader height. Is there a way to fix this somehow?


I’m not seeing this here.

This is a quick screen cap of a mixer window I get when pressing F3.

Strange …


I alternate working on laptop (1650x1050) and studio screen (2560x1440) and do not have any workspace setups, I just scale the project window to fit the screen when working in studio. I don’t know if this could be the issue, but I still think this black area is totally useless, just like it was in v6.5.

Funny thing - if I change the F3 key command to another mixer window, it’ll open looking and behaving just right. But if I remember correctly, visiting the other screen will corrupt this window and it’ll end up having this black area underneath. I have now corrupted two mixers. MixConsole 3 looks fine now, but probably not when I visit the studio. And the windows will retain this behaviour regardless of project.

Any ideas?

Btw, this is Yosemite OSX, Nuendo 7.0.20 with NEK.

Weird…Didn’t happen to me on 6.5 or 7. I can see where this would be very annoying. How are your screens set up? Are they both plugged in at the same time and you’re just alternating with a command or program? Correct me if I’m wrong but that black bar might look like the difference between 1050 and 1440…just a few hundred pixels. Eh?

In the studio, I want to get further away from my laptop because of the noise and only use it lid closed via thunderbolt cable to external screen. So, it’s not a dual screen setup, there’s only one screen with higher res.

Now that you mention it, the black area looks the like vertical pixel difference between resolutions. But all the other windows, like project window or mediabay scale properly, there are no extra empty pixels. So why MixConsole gets so confused? A bug?

While waiting for possible patch, could this be avoided by creating a special workspaces for both resolutions or are they only used for placements of windows, with no reset on sizing or anomalies like this black area? I haven’t used workspaces really much at all.

Happy to hear any suggestions to try out next!

Hi HabaNero,

try this and see if it helps:

  • Open your MixConsole
  • Press the “Alt” key on your keyboard and keep pressing it
  • Click on the “Funtions Menu” button on the upper right corner (still pressing Alt)
  • Lastly click on “Reset MixConsole Window”

Does that work?


That does it, now it looks just like it should! Big thanks for helping out!