Excessive level audio waveform

Hello! I have a pretty strange issue I feel. Simple but not simple.

  • I record audio via my Scarlett interface, and I have done this 10 million times.
  • the level on the Scarlett is really normal and sounds normal, with the interface well in the green, nowhere near amber/red
  • levels on the track are normal to say the least

But the ensuing recording/waveform is almost maxed out, almost brickwalled. Super loud!

Is there something I’m missing? (LE 10)


Do you have any Insert effect (plug-in), Channel Strip or Pre involved in the Channel by any chance?

It would be helpful to know what is in the audio path : what eventual inserts are you using and at which stage. This, after having checked everything related to input gain.

Additionaly, could you post a screenshot of a clip on its audio track, showing the issue ? This, while being sure that this tool (upper right of the project window) is set at minimal :


EDIT - @Martin.Jirsak beat me to it… :smile:

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Yes it was that display slider on the right, after all. Thanks very much.