excessively loud VST notes


I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon with my VST tracks, in particular with drums. When playing back a whole song, at around 2 minutes 30 seconds one note (it’s usually a hi-hat) is much louder than the others. When checking the MIDI editor, the velocity is no higher than that of the surrounding notes. If I start play from a couple of bars before the ‘loud’ note, it sounds completely normal, yet when I play the track from the start, or do an audio export, the problem is back.

I had a similar problem with a VST instrument when recording a pad sound. After about 2 minutes 40 seconds, the pitch of the chord held flutters up and down briefly. I was able to solve that problem by moving the event so it starts at 3 minutes in, exporting that track to audio, and then inserting the audio track back into the correct position in the project. I haven’t tried this workaround with my drum track yet but I’m guessing it will work.

So it appears to be a combination of VST instrument plus the position in the project (around 2"30). Any ideas? :confused:


just to make things a little harder, it doesn’t happen in every project…

The template you are using for your projects has some automation in it at around 2:30?

I checked my project for any automation but there’s none there. It’s not always the same note that is louder. Maybe the problem is with my VST. Like I wrote before, if I start playback from, say bar 50, then the loud hi-hat might occur at bar 59, but if I start playback at bar 58, the same hi-hat note sounds completely normal. :frowning:

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