Exchange file bug

Dear People,

on Wavelab 8, when I try to exchange a file in an audio montage, the list of files change loosing some of them, the montage in the waveform window seem untouched, I save and close the project and when I open it back the files disappeared during the exchange are not present anymore.
This bug is not present in the version 7

Any help?

I can reproduce a problem. I have to investigate more.

I confirm there is a (random) problem, and this will be fixed in 8.0.3.
In the mean time, don’t use this function (but you could use the function “Replace file in clip”).

Thank you for your support,

I’ve tested Wavelab 8 on 3 different machines, one MacPro 12 cores OSX 10.8.4, one iMac i7 OSX 10.8.4 and one MacBookPro i7 OSX 10.7.5 and in all these computers the bug is present, I’ve tried to create new Wavelab preferences with no lucky and except for the MacPro which is installed Wavelab 7 too in the next two computers Wavelab 8 was the only one.

I Hope these extra info can helps

Thanks, the problem has been identified. This is not related to preferences.