Exchange projects from Mac to Windows


I’m on Dorico Pro 5.

I work on MacOS (2013 Mac Pro and M2 MacBook Air), but I’m staying for a few months in a different place where I have access to a PC, and I was also considering buying a Surface Pro 9 in the future to also work with Dorico and Sibelius.

I tried opening a project I have created on Mac on a Windows 11 machine. Most of the project looks good, but I can see a few inconsistencies like some texts appearing in different places, and some engraving details looking slightly different. Is this the expected behaviour or should there be absolute interchangeability between the two platforms?

As a side question, is anyone working fairly proficiently and successfully with a Surface Pro 9 using the pen etc etc?

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In theory all should be exactly the same. The one thing that Dorico has no control over is the way the operating system renders fonts. This can make a difference to spacing of individual items, and even the automated casting off.

See Windows - Mac - #4 by dspreadbury for some previous discussion on this.

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Thanks a lot @pianoleo.
I have used the Palatino font throughout, and even exported from the Mac and installed on windows to make sure they matched.
I’ll do some testing though to see if I spot any other difference…it’s a bit scary though to think this could potentially happen.

Anyone else can chime in with experiences on the Surface Pro 9 and Dorico?

Thanks a lot!